Inspired by our posts on both the Little Black Dress and the Borrowed from The Boys: The White Shirt posts earlier this week, we were reminded of an even more outside-the-box wardrobing choice that made for a sensational photograph. Behold:

Wowza, right? there are a few things that are just working in this photo. One—the surprise of the blazer. It’s not necessarily the first article of clothing that comes to mind for a boudoir shoot, right? And yet…. with the styling and the attitude, it is gorgeous! We may be revealing our ages here, but it does hark back to a certain Janet Jackson era, and everyone found that one irresistible, too!

Secondly, those shoes! Even if you don’t wear high heels much (or at all) in real life, they are ideal for photo shoots. They lengthen your entire line of your body, and get all those muscles working so that they are popping in all the right places. And there’s a reason why they are beloved the world over—and it’s not for their comfort. It’s a fashion-over-function situation that pays off for the few moments it takes to snap your photo.

Lastly, both the color of the blazer and the color of her shoes really kapow! right off the page (or screen, as it were). We shoot in an intentionally neutral setting, which allows for beautiful natural light and a modern but not overly styled background so that you’re the star. That also means the sky’s the limit for setting the tone and mood of your shoot and photos. Consider a bright pop of color for some of your shots, even if you’re normally a peaches-and-cream kind of girl. You can see here what a payoff it can be!